A cautionary tale

Charlie DePascale Earlier this month I traveled to Lawrence, Kansas to attend the NCME special conference on the confluence of classroom assessment and large-scale psychometrics. In a panel discussion titled, “I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore” Kristen Huff, Karen Barton, Paul Nichols, and I shared the perspective that when bringing together classroom assessmentContinue reading “A cautionary tale”

If it’s Tuesday, this must be …

Charlie DePascale   12 days, 3 conferences: PowerPoint presentations, posters, uncomfortable chairs, and a few random thoughts. Conference presentations are an art form: whether it’s a keynote address, a 15-minute research presentation, an “electronic board” or a poster a good presentation must tell a story, make a point, and deliver a message. A picture canContinue reading “If it’s Tuesday, this must be …”

You Can’t Always Get What You Want – A Blog Year in Review

Charlie DePascale As I look back at the thirteen essays that I posted in 2016, it is clear that the dominant theme of the blog this year was that we need to acknowledge and accept our limitations.  Specifically, across the essays there were three messages: As psychometricians, we need to embrace rather than run fromContinue reading “You Can’t Always Get What You Want – A Blog Year in Review”

Growing Pains

Charlie DePascale “To ensure greater flexibility in tracking individual students’ annual progress, growth models provide states with more options for a nuanced accountability system, while adhering to the core principles of No Child Left Behind.” — Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings It all seemed so simple in 2005 when states wanted to include growth inContinue reading “Growing Pains”