Right Before Our Very Eyes

It’s time for educational measurement, or at least assessment specialists, to say goodbye to latent traits, hidden constructs, and true scores. They are useful concepts, in theory. In practice, well, they really haven’t helped us provide useful information to stakeholders, and that is the name of the game. Admit it, you were a bit skepticalContinue reading “Right Before Our Very Eyes”

So, you’re interested in a career in educational measurement

During the first pandemic summer I attended a virtual NCME session organized by Derek Briggs titled, “Teaching and Learning ‘Educational Measurement’: Defining the Discipline?”  In that session distinguished panelists addressed the critical question, “What should it mean to be an educational measurement expert in the future?” Later in 2020, as president of NCME, Derek convened aContinue reading So, you’re interested in a career in educational measurement

Slow Down, You Move Too Fast

Once again, those of us on the technical side of large-scale assessment and educational measurement find ourselves behind the curve. In the 1990s, the public clamored for achievement levels and criterion-based results while we were comfortable reporting percentile ranks and grade equivalent scores. Just as we were “getting a handle” on standard setting and percentContinue reading “Slow Down, You Move Too Fast”

Matrix Sampling: Resurrected

It is impossible to read an article or hear a presentation about the future of large-scale state testing without some discussion of matrix sampling. If your primary concerns about large-scale testing are time and cost, the answer is matrix sampling. If your primary concern is coverage of comprehensive and complex standards like the Next GenerationContinue reading “Matrix Sampling: Resurrected”