Matrix Sampling: Resurrected

It is impossible to read an article or hear a presentation about the future of large-scale state testing without some discussion of matrix sampling. If your primary concerns about large-scale testing are time and cost, the answer is matrix sampling. If your primary concern is coverage of comprehensive and complex standards like the Next GenerationContinue reading “Matrix Sampling: Resurrected”

Policymakers Dig the Long Ball

Opening Day! On Opening Day 2021, I attempted to embody the spirit, if not the skill, of A. Bartlett Giamatti and engage in the real pastime of the true baseball fan, to wax poetic about baseball as the perfect metaphor for life. In that post, I recounted the central position that baseball, in all of itsContinue reading “Policymakers Dig the Long Ball”

Looking Back on the Memory Of

With my daughter successfully defending her dissertation (Way to go, Dr. Mary, PhD!), my thoughts this week were filled with memories of my own graduate school experiences: my defense, dissertation, and most of all, my advisor, John Stecklein.  Also stirring those memories this week are the accomplishments of another young woman, his granddaughter, Lee Stecklein,Continue reading “Looking Back on the Memory Of”