The “Standard Setting”-ification of Society

Friends, psychometricians, countrypersons, heed my call. If as the poet says, the evil that men do lives after them; then it’s time to face the music, man. We got trouble my friend, right here, I say trouble, right here and it isn’t pretty. Why sure, I’ve set standards on large-scale tests. Certainly mighty proud I sayContinue reading “The “Standard Setting”-ification of Society”

Maybe It’s Time for a Diorama

Back in my youth, when it was fashionable, if insensitive, to celebrate Christmas unabashedly in public elementary schools, a good part of the curriculum and instruction after Thanksgiving was devoted to holiday activities. There was practicing for the Christmas “pageant” (music), making a Christmas ornament or a gift for Mom (art), and Christmas-themed writing, spelling,Continue reading “Maybe It’s Time for a Diorama”

Vive La Variance!

To educate is to change. Instruction and learning are about change. Educational measurement is defined by variance. Literally. The fundamental concepts in the field are expressed in terms of variance. One of the first techniques that we learn as eager young graduate students is analysis of variance. Without variance, our lives as psychometricians, much likeContinue reading “Vive La Variance!”