You Can Lead a Horse to Water

What is the purpose of education? Whether we’re talking about primary, elementary, secondary, or postsecondary education, what is its purpose, the real purpose, the reason we are investing so much time and money in this endeavor. Short answer – behavior – establishing, maintaining, changing, if necessary, and ultimately, refining, behavior. You can refer to theContinue reading “You Can Lead a Horse to Water”

So, you’re interested in a career in educational measurement

During the first pandemic summer I attended a virtual NCME session organized by Derek Briggs titled, “Teaching and Learning ‘Educational Measurement’: Defining the Discipline?”  In that session distinguished panelists addressed the critical question, “What should it mean to be an educational measurement expert in the future?” Later in 2020, as president of NCME, Derek convened aContinue reading So, you’re interested in a career in educational measurement

Spare Change, State Tests and other Anachronisms

I emptied our spare change jar the other day.  The actual “jar” itself has at times been an empty ricotta container or peanut butter jar. But for years it has sat in the same spot collecting the loose change from our pockets at the end of the day. It’s right there at the entrance toContinue reading “Spare Change, State Tests and other Anachronisms”

The Most Important Question

In states across the country, lots of questions are being generated as state policymakers and local educators pore over results from the Spring 2022 state tests in English language arts, mathematics, and science. More often than not, however, the single most important question of all is not asked directly.  At the district and school level:Continue reading “The Most Important Question”