Throwing the Switch on High School Reform

The rhetoric surrounding high school reform has gone off the rails and it’s time to get it back on track. Michael Petrilli caused quite the little kerfuffle earlier this month when he dared to use the dreaded “t-word” in a favorable way with regard to high schools in the United States. Apparently, he first utteredContinue reading “Throwing the Switch on High School Reform”

Looking Back on the Memory Of

With my daughter successfully defending her dissertation (Way to go, Dr. Mary, PhD!), my thoughts this week were filled with memories of my own graduate school experiences: my defense, dissertation, and most of all, my advisor, John Stecklein.  Also stirring those memories this week are the accomplishments of another young woman, his granddaughter, Lee Stecklein,Continue reading “Looking Back on the Memory Of”

Reliability: Measurement’s Middle Child

Validity. Reliability. Fairness. Reliability is one of the big three foundations of educational measurement and testing. It’s right up there with a chapter of its own in the Part 1 of the joint Standards along with Validity and Fairness. We’re supposed to love and respect them all the same. But we all know that ReliabilityContinue reading “Reliability: Measurement’s Middle Child”