Reliability: Measurement’s Middle Child

Validity. Reliability. Fairness. Reliability is one of the big three foundations of educational measurement and testing. It’s right up there with a chapter of its own in the Part 1 of the joint Standards along with Validity and Fairness. We’re supposed to love and respect them all the same. But we all know that ReliabilityContinue reading “Reliability: Measurement’s Middle Child”

The “Standard Setting”-ification of Society

Friends, psychometricians, countrypersons, heed my call. If as the poet says, the evil that men do lives after them; then it’s time to face the music, man. We got trouble my friend, right here, I say trouble, right here and it isn’t pretty. Why sure, I’ve set standards on large-scale tests. Certainly mighty proud I sayContinue reading “The “Standard Setting”-ification of Society”